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Warranty Support

Our comprehensive warranty support ensures peace of mind and reliability for all our valued customers. We are committed to delivering prompt and efficient service to address any issues that may arise with our products.

Warranty Period Details

Cooper Series: 18 Months

Cooper Dual Illuminator Series: 18 Months

1 Series (w/wo Audio): 24 Months

Full Color Series: 24 Months

Dual Illuminator Series: 24 Months

TiOC Series: 24 Months

Panoramic Series: 24 Months

Pro Starlight Series: 24 Months

Micro-size Series: 24 Months

PTZ Series: 24 Months

Value Series (w/wo Audio): 18 Months 

Full Color Series: 18 Months

Smart Dual Illuminator Series: 18 Months

WizSense 2 Series-AI: 18 Months

WizSense 2 Series Smart Dual Illuminator Series: 18 Months

WizSense 3 Series-AI: 24 Months

WizSense TiOC Series: 24 Months

WizMind 5 Series-AI: 24 Months

Panoramic Series: 24 Months

Special Pinhole Series: 24 Months

PTZ Series: 24 Months

Wireless Series: 24 Months

HDCVI Recorder Cooper Series: 18 Months

HDCVI Recorder 5 Series: 24 Months

HDCVI Recorder 4L-5 Series: 24 Months

Network Recorder 1 Series: 18 Months

Network Recorder 2 Series: 24 Months

Network Recorder 4 Series: 24 Months

Network Recorder 5 Series: 24 Months

Network Recorder 6 Series: 24 Months

Network Recorder Wireless Series: 24 Months

ANPR Camera: 24 Months

ASA Series: 12 Months

ASI Series: 12 Months

ASC Series: 12 Months

ASR Series: 12 Months

Dahua Video Intercoms IP: 12 Months

Dahua 2-Wire Series: 12 Months

Dahua 4-Wire Series: 12 Months

Dahua Light Series: 24 Months

Dahua Commercial Series: 24 Months

Dahua LCD Video Walls: 24 Months

ViewSonic All Models: 36 Months (Hotline: 1800-88-8997)

Dahua Interactive Whiteboard: 24 Months

Dahua PoE Switch: 24 Months

Dahua Access Switch: 24 Months

Dahua Cloud Managed PoE Switch: 24 Months

Reyee Unmanaged Switch: 36 Months

Reyee Cloud Managed Switch: 36 Months

Ruijie Cloud Managed Switch: 36 Months

Reyee Gateway: 36 Months

Reyee Wireless: 36 Months

Reyee Home WiFi Router: 36 Months

Ruijie Wireless Indoor AP: 36 Months

Ruijie Wireless Wall AP: 36 Months

Bluguard Alarm System: 12 Months

Hard Disk: 36 Months

Warranty Terms & Condition

  1. Allow a minimum of 7 working days for items sent in for repair.
  2. Hardware purchases come with a one-year warranty (carry-in), excluding power adaptors unless stated otherwise.
  3. Faulty hardware is eligible for a one-to-one replacement within one week from the date of purchase, subject to inspection by our technicians for damages.
  4. Rising Net reserves, the right to replace the product or relevant part with the same or equivalent product or part instead of repairing it. If a replacement is provided, the product or part becomes the property of Rising Net. Rising Net may replace with refurbished parts, and the replacement does not extend or restart the warranty period.
  5. The warranty covers manufacturer defects only and does not cover damage due to lightning and power surges. The warranty will be void if: (a) The factory-applied serial number has been altered, torn, or removed from the product. (b) Warranty will not apply to damage, malfunction, or failure resulting from alterations, accidents, misuse, burnt marks, fire, liquid spillage, mis-adjustment of customer controls, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges, and lightning/thunderstorm activities.
  6. Furthermore, if the item was not purchased from Rising Net Sdn Bhd or is determined to be out of warranty, customers will be subject to a minimum service fee of RM 50 for the services rendered by us. Additional charges will be applied based on Dahua’s rate.
  7. For warranty service, return products with transportation prepaid to Rising Net Sdn Bhd. The buyer is responsible for bearing both ways transportation charges, if any.

One-To-One Exchange

We are dedicated to providing exceptional OTOE solutions for customers whose items require repair by our Technical Team due to hardware problems. Our OTOE service is available under the following conditions:

  • OTOE is currently applicable for the models following: HAC all series cameras, IPC 1& 2 series all cameras, Monitors such as DHI-LM19-L200, DHI-LM24-H200, DHI-LM22-B200A, DHI-LM24-L200, DHI-LM22-B200S, DHI-LM27-B200, DHI-LM22-L200, DHI-LM27-B200A, DHI-LM24-B200, DHI-LM27-E200, DHI-LM24-B200S, DHI-LM27-L200, DHI-LM24-F200.
  • The item must have been purchased from Rising Net, with its serial number registered in our system.
  • The product’s box should match the item’s serial number. If the box is unavailable, please do not provide it.
  • The item must be free from any physical damage. If any damage is found, our RSN Technical Team reserves the right to follow Dahua’s RMA Guidelines and reject the warranty request.
  • The product must still be under warranty.

Warranty Support Contact

For more information, you may contact our RMA Department.

Mobile: (60)12-5590 556